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Our mission is to provide for clients inspiration, choice, and elegance of design; understanding their preferences, whilst also providing guidance into the technical and aesthetic details of the project. Proposed schemes aim to combine style and choice along with comfort and practicality. Achieving this, whilst ensuring affordability and client satisfaction, is what makes a great interior design business; this is our mission.


All-inclusive interior design service

The Interior studio offers clients an exclusively bespoke and all inclusive design service. With a full library of the most sought after textile, lighting and soft furnishing brands, we pride ourselves in delivering design quality of the highest order to customers looking for luxury, style, and comfort. A variety of choice, combined with the creative ideas and flexibility in both style and design, combines to make our service perfect for you.

Mastering the craft for over 25 years

Head Designer, Suzanne Stuart-Banks, has been within the creative industry since the age of 16, where she began her career as an artist and entrepreneur - designing and distributing greetings cards internationally. Finding herself naturally drawn to the world of interiors, Suzanne quickly and astutely became a student of the world's leading journals and designers, learning the best from them, while also learning the worst from local artisans where she lived.


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