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Manuel Canovas have released their new collections to the world, and boy they’ve wow’d us all. We took delivery of his new collections in the form of 6 brand new fabric books and 1 beautiful wallpaper book.  Suzanne has described the collection as “the best collection Manuel Canovas has produced”. So what do…(Read More)

Fresh home

With the new year well and truly up and running it provides a great opportunity to for a fresh start both for one as an individual but also for your home. After Christmas, the taking down and packing up of decorations can often make your home feel bare and unhomely. What is needed, therefore, is…(Read More)

Re-upholstery can save you hundreds of pounds! Tired, out-of-date, and damaged furniture would normally be written off by their owners, incurring them a large cost in purchasing new pieces. However, something that should be considered is to have your tired, incumbent furniture, restored and re-upholstered. This process involves the stripping back…(Read More)

Fresh home

The importance of lighting within interior design The Interior Studio takes a look at the various forms of lighting techniques that ensure the mood and theme of your rooms is appropriate and to the highest standards.  Interior lighting is one of the most important aspects of any living space; it has the ability to change…(Read More)