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Easter eggs

Easter marks the most important time in the Christian calender, remembering and celebrating the resurrection of Jesus.  With this comes a period of symbolic new beginnings and encompasses all that spring represents; New life.       You can celebrate this event, by turning your home into an Easter oriented abode. Be Creative: These temporary interior…(Read More)

Flowers in home

“The Earth laughs in flowers” Ralph Waldo Emerson It doesn’t take much observation, at any rate, to realise that much of what we call our home is manufactured, moulded and furnished with un-natural accessories. What can be one of the most effective remedies for softening a space or generating a more homely and…(Read More)


    1. Saves time Time, time, time. Where does it all go? It’s no myth that time is the most precious commodity there is and so opportunities to save time are like nuggets of gold in a wash-pit of soil – they’re rare.  Designing, organising, and project managing often consumes a great…(Read More)

Fresh home

With the new year well and truly up and running it provides a great opportunity to for a fresh start both for one as an individual but also for your home. After Christmas, the taking down and packing up of decorations can often make your home feel bare and unhomely. What is needed, therefore, is…(Read More)

Re-upholstery can save you hundreds of pounds! Tired, out-of-date, and damaged furniture would normally be written off by their owners, incurring them a large cost in purchasing new pieces. However, something that should be considered is to have your tired, incumbent furniture, restored and re-upholstered. This process involves the stripping back…(Read More)


  Christmas is very much a time spent with friends and family, and if you’re hosting Christmas this year it is vital to make your home a wonderful place to be.  To do this you have to appeal to all senses, those being, smell, taste, touch, hearing, and sight.   Here are our top tips…(Read More)