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Pierre frey captures love affair of baking


GOURMANDISE Pierre Frey fabric captures the mood of our guilty love affair with baking.

The UK has gone crazy for baking! The Great British bake off has been the forerunner for enticing the nation to bake, with More than three fifths of adults have baked at home at least once this year, compared with only a third in 2011!  Five series into the programme, the nation’s sweet tooth remains hungry for all things yummy.

In February last year, the Bake Off effect reached a milestone: “cake” replaced “chicken” as the most searched-for word on the BBC Good Food website. Since the show launched in August 2010, Google searches for “cake” have more than doubled. The number of baking blogs has spiked, too, with tens of thousands more amateurs taking to the web to share their recipes, tips and pictures. Jo Wheatley, winner of the second Bake Off series, says her blog “Jo’s Blue Aga” has gone “from strength to strength. I get on average 1,500-2,000 hits a day.”

Pierre Frey’s GOURMANDISE cotton is bold and eye-catching to say the least, but its relevance in the UK can’t be more obvious.    Perfect for a family Kitchen and dining space, the Gormandise fabric can be used in numerous ways, In particular, for Blinds, napkins, scatter cushions, and curtains. It is important to tame the adventurous pattern to only a few select pieces within the space, ensuring a good deal of interest whilst maintaining the ambiance of the room which may not appreciate too much Gormandise.  That said, the quirky, fun, and relaxed nature of the fabric allows it to be used fairly liberally which highlights its versatility – an excellent quality of any fabric.

Pierre Frey have chosen two hues as the patterns back drop – an avocado green knows as VERT ANIS, and an ivory called CHANTILLY. Both are beautiful, however, the VERT ANIS provides a greater contrast between the back drop and the exquisitely details pattern.   The CHANTILLY, conversely, is far more soothing and relaxing on the eye, perfect again for the use in a Kitchen/dinner space. SO both clearly wonderful, but what would you choose?

Here at the Interior Studio, we have such fun in playing with these fabrics and working with our clients to tailor their desires with the perfect range of fabrics on offer.    Never hesitate to get in contact with us to talk about design options and ideas. Head to our contact page now!

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